About Us


Founded in 1980, family controlled and operated Southbay Distribution continues to be a major player in the port of Tampa.

Randy, president and owner, has expanded operations from a container freight station and export-boxing company to call for specialized handling of cargo in the Port of Tampa and Florida State area.

Southbay’s location in the port allows transport of oversize and heavy-lift cargo to move from the terminals to Southbay’s facility in very little time.

We are a full service transportation provider with over fifty years of combined experience servicing the distribution needs of large and small shippers alike

We at South Bay Distribution recognize the importance of on time, error free deliveries to the end user, “your customer,” at a cost that, simply stated, doesn’t break the bank. Thus, we are prepared to offer transportation, distribution, and warehouse services that will insure a competitive edge that does not compromise the quality or the integrity of your merchandise.

More and more companies are finding our service eliminates all the logistical headaches and the advantage and time savings benefit of dealing with a one stop shop.


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